About Us

Welcome to “Arts: for the Love of Learning and a Better Future,” a Collective Impact project of the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership of the san francisco bay area.


Our Mission: 

By 2022, each and every child in Alameda County public schools is successfully engaged in creative and active learning, both in and out of school, in preparation for college, career and community life.

Our History: 

The Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership was launched in 1999 as a project of the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) with the mission to establish arts learning at the core of the highest quality public education , across the curriculum, for every child, in every school, every day. The Alliance unites a passionate and diverse group of Bay Area arts organizations, teaching artists, and educational leaders around intentionally coordinated strategies to achieve that mission. Find out more here.

Initial Strategies: 

Between now and June 2017 we are engaging in conversations and asking questions within and beyond our known arts learning communities to engage a variety of cross-sector stakeholders in education, arts organizations, philanthropy, business and government. Using Collective Impact Strategies, we will cast a wide net of inquiry to engage these partners and to leverage data and research that will inform how we meet our end of year goal.  

End of Year Goal:

To create a deeply-supported Community Plan with a common agenda, shared measurement system and action timeline that will outline the implementation of this work.

Next Steps:

Funding and Implementation