Our Strategies


"Collective impact is an advanced form of collaboration which brings together different sectors for a common agenda to solve large complex problems. Complex systems change requires leadership from various partners: government leaders, funding agencies, schools, hospitals, the private sector, the not-for-profit sector, community organizers and more. This is where collective impact comes into play – as a method to engage partners from different sectors to solve the complex social problems of the day."

Community Engagement Process 

Community Engagement is a key pillar of the Collective Impact model. In order to build broad support for this project, we will be engaging as many stakeholders as deeply as possible to build a Community Plan that truly reflects a collective community vision. The Listening Campaign will be our primary engagement tool.

Data & Research

Equitable access to Data & Research is another essential element of the Collective Impact model. Throughout the planning process we will be engaging with data and research- both acquiring and creating access to existing data, as well as generating new data specific to the project - in order to inform the Community Plan and provide leverage for advocacy and implementation. 

To learn more and for additional resources about Collective Impact, please visit the Tamarack Institute website