Meet Our Team

Leadership Roundtable

The Leadership Roundtable has 25 active participants that include teachers in K-12 and higher ed, a member of a school board, a youth artist, several arts organizations and funders. Each person is engaged in one of following three groups:

  1. The Listening Campaign, a community engagement strategy, is aimed at reaching and connecting with people who:
    • Have lived experience (those who will be impacted most by the outcome of this work): students, teachers, principals and parents
    • Are cross sector other stakeholders: Higher Education Teacher Prep programs, the business community, government and arts organizations.
  2. The Data & Research Team collects and analyzes existing data that
    • Illustrates the status of arts in the CA and AC schools
    • Supports the premise that the arts are core to integrated learning across all K-12 schools.
  3. The Communications Team is creating a communication plan that ensures a smooth two-way connection between all stakeholders and the Alliance members via a new Alliance website, newsletter and focused social media.

Aeesha Clottey
Attitudinal Healing Connection

Ashanti Branch
Ever Forward

Cyndy Wasko
Alameda County Office of Education

Derek Fenner
Alameda County Office of Education

Eric Engdahl
California State University, East Bay

Hilary Dito
Contra Costa County Office of Education

Judi Burle
Teacher Representative

Lina Buffington
Innovate Consulting

Louise Music
Alameda County Office of Education

Rachel Hull
Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Shirley Brice Heath
Stanford University

Todd Berman
The Art Don't Stop

Yvonne Cerrato
Alameda County Board of Education

Angela Zusman
Story for All

Carolyn S. Carr
Alameda County Office of Education

Craig Cheslog
Common Sense Media

Ed Porter
Total School Solutions

Frances Phillips
Walter & Elise Haas Fund

J. Mia Tsui
Alameda County Office of Education

Julia Marshall
San Francisco State University

Liz Ozol
San Francisco Arts Commission

Michelle Holdt
Arts Ed Matters

Rachel Osajima
Alameda County Arts Commission

Sophie Fanelli
Stuart Foundation

Wendy Donner
Abundance Foundation

Ann Wettrich
California College of the Arts

Charles Chip McNeal
San Francisco Opera

Dana Cilmi
Sausalito Art Festival

Elizabeth Broderson
American Conservatory Theater

Francisca Sanchez
Provocative Practice

Jean Johnstone
Teaching Artists Guild

Julie Fry
California Humanities

Loree Goffigon
Sam Francis Foundation

Nasha Lindo
California Arts Council

Robin Mencher
KQED, Education

Stan Hutton
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation


The Lead Action Team guides the work of the initiative: Arts & Creativity: For the Love of School and a Better Future.

They meet monthly and oversee the work of the Leadership Roundtable (LRT) by:

  • Setting agendas for all LRT meetings;
  • Reviewing and responding to reports from the LRT groups; and
  • Sharing new ideas and resources. 

Craig Cheslog
Common Sense Media

Rachel Osajima
Alameda County Arts Commission

Sophie Fanelli
Stuart Foundation

Jean Johnstone

Louise Music
Alameda County Office of Education


Madelyn Blair
Administrative Secretary

Carolyn S. Carr
Listening Campaign Lead

Sierra Falcon
Communications Strategist & Website Designer

Derek Fenner
Data & Research Co-Lead

Louise Music
Lead Action Team Member

Lindsay Krumbein
Project Manager

Ann Wettrich
Communication Lead

Susan Wolf
Professional Expert